Brand New Year, Same Old Lies

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January 1st. A new year, a new start, a new beginning, with new hopes, new trials, and a new perspective.


Honestly, I’m pretty sure a lot of us agree that “new year resolutions” are pretty much just excuses for people to get along with the tradition, and that nobody even sticks to them anyway. Think about it: haven’t you heard of that one person you know who’s fat, always says that he/she is gonna lose weight as a new year’s resolution but never actually does? Or how about that bully who says he’s gonna take it easy this year, but nope, still treats ya like you’re his/her bitch. Geez. Like, can you stop lying not only to the people you talk to┬ábut also to your goddamn self? *sigh*

Going in a deeper sense, we need to get rid of this ideology that when a new year starts, that’s when you need to have change within yourself and how you act and behave. Like, what. the. hell. So what, that means when we suddenly decide to want to change ourselves drastically on January 2, we need to wait 364 fucking days to do it? What I’m trying to say is that you don’t need a new year to change yourself drastically or even slowly. It’s either you do it now or you don’t. That’s it. It’s not gonna take some tradition, some celebration to force you to do it. If you want to change in the middle of the year, or even before the new year, go ahead! Don’t wait for some celebration so that you can fit in with other people spouting nonsense with their “new year resolutions”.

(Editor’s note: This is the rambling unstable part below. Sorry. I made this at 3 AM, okay? ;-; )

I think this is the source of the issue: The new year is really just our celebration of how we passed a non-arbitrary large categorized point in the Gregorian calendar that was made to separate time. Here’s the thing: how about we stop separating all of this into years? Sure, years makes detailing events easier, but really, that’s what it all is: categorizing. Had we not had a categorizing system like this, we really didn’t need to complain much about the shit that happened with 2016. (Editor’s note: 2016 was a fucking rollercoaster.) Sure, we would’ve questioned how so much shit was happening in a period of time, but we would’ve brushed it off. It is this categorizing system that enabled us to compile all the shit that happened in 2016 to what we call 2016. Honestly, this is the exact same thing as racial profiling. Okay this may sound confusing, so let’s get one point straight here:

We need to start treating each day as a special one, instead of just compiling everything into years or categories. Each day is special, regardless of whether or not something happened to your life. Because something definitely happened in the world. Each day is an adventure that enables us to taste what seems like a lot but is actually a little bit of the greatness that life has to offer to us.

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