Why English isn’t widely accepted in the Philippines

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It is stereotypical (and mostly true too) that Filipinos are inherently rude and salty about a lot of things, but being negative in regards to the English language SHOULD NEVER BE PART OF IT.

You will either fall into one of these categories:

  • The ones ridiculed for speaking English within the Philippines (whether or not they are born in the Philippines doesn’t matter)
  • The exact assholes I’m talking about… DING DING DING! JACKPOT! And by that I mean the Filipino masses who refuse to believe English exists.
  • Filipinos who don’t give a shit. They’re cool.

Honestly, I’m so sick and tired of this. I’m sick and tired of foreigners being particularly embarrassed when they go to our country because of disrespect from natives or Filipinos who wish to speak English but couldn’t, due to bullying, lack of confidence and self-loathing. I know people who want to speak English and practice, but couldn’t because of peer pressure against English. Not only that, but consider the amount of jokes and memes online based around being against English. Before I keep going, we need to clarify something:


This screenshot was taken from the Philippines Wikipedia page. (and another one) (Let’s assume this is true, since Wikipedia being wrong is only a risk and a small chance) You obviously see there:

Official languages: Filipino – English

Don’t want Wikipedia? Fine. Sure. Let me take from an official source, such as the 1987 Constitution of the Philippines.  It states in Article XIV, Section 7, that:


To all the Filipinos making petty excuses such as:

  • “Nasa Pilipinas ka! Bakit ka nag-eenglish?!”
  • “Akala ko Pilipino ka? Mag-Tagalog ka naman…”
  • “Wag ka mag-english dito”

You’re all wrong. It’s already right there. English is an official language inside the Philippines. Therefore you have no right to bully someone for doing nothing wrong. Speaking English isn’t wrong. Speaking English isn’t abnormal. Your half-assed idiotic jokes and complaints are.

But sometimes we need to go deeper than that. Why do Filipinos do these kinds of selfish acts? It can be somewhat attributed to how the Philippine society works, which I don’t think anyone, not even me, understands. This society is reliant on trends. English isn’t a trend in this society. Thus, it is not accepted. It’s somehow a trend for Filipinos to speak in Taglish or basic Filipino. Heck, mostly vulgar Filipino/Tagalog.

So what is the effect of this trend?

Even media acknowledges and accepts this trend. When you see Filipinos on national TV, they will never speak full English (unless it’s a talk show interviewing a foreigner) and on the exact occasion that they do, they will be mocked not only by the people in that show, but also the people who are watching it. That’s not how media should be. And since media accepts this trend, it will just keep on spreading. Oh wait, it already has. It has already spread and is now embedded in every unlucky Filipino’s mind.

It’s a never ending cycle between basic media, social media, and people. On how they affect each other.

We should be against discrimination of Filipino English-speakers. We should be proud of them. They are people who chose and risked to barge into an unknown language. An unknown knowledge. And from that they can benefit, and even benefit those who didn’t choose to do that. But the action of discriminating them, that’s just obviously rude. That never had, and never will, help anyone.

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