Instagram’s new logo: Of Skeuomorphism and Modern UI

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Recently, Instagram decided to change their design, but the most controversial of all was their new logo. But why do people hate it so much? And why shouldn’t they?

On May 11, 2016, Instagram completely changed their design with a brand new and simpler AI. But the most controversial of all was their new logo for Instagram, as well as its sub-apps.

Personal opinion, do you like it?

I’m not really sure. Part of me is screaming with joy and delight as Instagram finally takes a step, and a big one too, away from skeuomorphism. But something tells me that they went a little bit overboard with the design; I think it was waaaaay too oversimplified. If you’re gonna ask me what the Instagram logo should look like, it wouldn’t be the old one or the new one; I’d much prefer this one:

That was Instagram’s Modern UI alternative before this new logo came along. I really wonder why it wasn’t used. Sad to see it go in a trashcan full of other ideas.

The new logo is kinda fine with me. I could live with it. But certainly others probably won’t.

Others: what the hell man this is like powerpoint 2003 wordart color palette and amateur photoshop shit. you expect me to accept this crap?

But isn’t that what Modern UI is? Amateur photoshopped 2D logos? That’s basically the gist of Modern UI. Instagram made a huge effort and a lot of time to make sure that their logo is in its best state. Heck, the logo could’ve looked much worse than what you’re seeing right now. As for the color choices, It’s something that should definitely be questioned to the guys at Instagram, but hey, it’s okay, to say the least. I certainly accept this “crap”.

Others: f**k this! i want the old logo back! bring it back, you sick c**nts at instagram!

First of all, stop worrying about the logo. It’s just a design change. You’ll still be doing the same foodstagramming, life-sharing, selfies and #blessed posts like you always would. (assuming that you use Instagram) Oh and get this,

You’re never getting that logo back. (Just like you’re never getting him/her back.)

Remember when Twitter changed their bird a little and ditched the whole “t” icon and “twitter” logo? Yeah, that never came back. Remember when Facebook was originally called Thefacebook? Yeah, that never came back.  You gotta accept that when it comes to a huge design change, most companies aren’t willing to shift back. This is a new step that they’re willing to take.

This is serious real talk. We’re talking about Instagram’s shift from skeuomorphism to modern flat UI, which was way too overdue and thank God they’ve finally done it.

Lazada Philippines

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