To switch to Telstra, I must escape PLDT

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Telstra is coming to the Philippines this 2016, offering extreme and unheard speeds with unbelievable prices in its internet plans.

But unfortunately, I can’t have a taste of any of those wonderful things.

‘Cause I’m stuck with PLDT. No matter what I do and how much I convince my family, I’m stuck. It’ll take a miracle for me to switch to Telstra.

But specifically, why? No sane person wouldn’t try or even completely switch to Telstra when it comes.

Because of the telephone business.

Unlike people in the USA or UK, the Philippines is still stuck with landline telephones. Most people in the USA or UK have phased out landline telephones already, moving into modern methods such as mobile phones or online calling. That doesn’t seem to be the case here.

PLDT has a booming business when it comes to the landline telephone industry. No other company can outmatch them when it comes to landline telephony. PLDT is also (one of the) largest ISPs in the Philippines, along with Globe Telecom and Sky Broadband.

And for that reason, there is no way for me to switch providers. Because if I try to switch ISPs, that would mean shutting down my PLDT landline telephone line. And I don’t want that. Especially since my family relies on the landline telephone quite a lot.

You may be asking yourself, why can’t I just have only my telephone line from PLDT, ditch their internet, and have Telstra for internet?

Because PLDT doesn’t like that. Most specifically, PLDT doesn’t have that option.

PLDT doesn’t offer a deal where you can have just the landline. It has to come in a bundle. It used to work without a bundle, but not anymore. So if I want to switch my internet to a different ISP, I have to get rid of the landline telephone.

And I do know for a fact that that is not an option.

I can’t switch to Telstra, no matter how much I want to.

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